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What to plant in September

Planting in September is indeed a great idea, as it can provide you with several benefits, including an earlier crop in spring and efficient use of otherwise empty garden space. Here are some vegetables you can plant in the UK in September:

1. Spinach: Sow spinach seeds in shallow drills in well-prepared soil or in pots. Cover them with fleece or a low cloche from October onwards to protect them from harsh weather.

2. Salad Leaves: You can still sow salad crops for harvesting in the coming weeks. Sow in a sheltered outdoor spot or grow them in pots. Consider mustard leaf, winter salad mixes, and mizuna. Winter lettuces like 'Winter Density' can also be sown under glass.

3. Broad Beans: Planting broad beans in autumn allows the plants to establish themselves over winter and produce an early crop the following spring. Protect them from hard frosts or snow with fleece. 'Aquadulce Claudia' is a suitable variety for autumn sowing.

4. Peas: Hardy peas can be sown in September to overwinter and yield an early crop. Opt for winter-hardy varieties such as 'Douce Provence' or 'Meteor.'

5. Radish: Radishes mature quickly, typically within a couple of weeks. Sow a late batch of seeds in September, and they should mature in time for autumn salads.

6. Turnip: Turnips are fast-growing and can be sown directly on bare soil in September. They thrive in cool, moist conditions and can be harvested as baby vegetables in around six weeks, making them suitable for the Christmas table.

7. Onions: Plant onion sets in autumn to enjoy an earlier crop the following year. Choose varieties that are well-suited for autumn sowing, like 'Troy' or 'Radar.'

8. Garlic: Garlic can be planted from September. Plant garlic cloves 2.5cm deep and 25cm apart in fertile soil. Shoots should emerge before autumn, overwinter, and then put on fresh growth in spring.

By planting these vegetables in September, you can extend your gardening season and enjoy an earlier harvest in the spring and summer.

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