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How to take lavender cuttings

 Mastering the art of lavender propagation through cuttings is an excellent technique to expand your lavender collection without spending a dime. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, making it an ideal starting point for beginners in plant propagation.

Lavender cuttings can be easily rooted, providing you with numerous new plants that are both cost-effective and rewarding. This method is not exclusive to lavender; you can also employ it to propagate other plants like rosemary, roses, and penstemons during the summer months.

Exploring the propagation potential of various plants:

Step 1 Select sideshoots from the main stem, ensuring that a thin strip of bark, known as a heel, remains attached as you gently detach them.

Step 2 The heel is a crucial component as it serves as the site where the new plant's roots will emerge. If your cuttings lack a heel, carefully trim the base just below a leaf joint using a sharp knife.

Step 3 Eliminate the lower pairs of leaves, allowing the cutting to feature a bare stem segment that can be seamlessly inserted into the compost.

Step 4 Immerse the cut end of each stem into a rooting hormone. Proceed to insert several cuttings around the perimeter of small pots filled with gritty compost.

Step 5 Thoroughly water the compost and then enclose the entire pot within a transparent polythene bag. This enclosure creates a humid environment that promotes successful rooting of the cuttings.

Step ̉6

Position the pots in a warm and shaded area. Once the rooting process commences (typically within four to six weeks), snip a small corner of the bag to enhance ventilation. After a few more weeks, you can entirely remove the bag. Allow the cuttings to remain in place until they have developed strong roots, and subsequently, transplant each cutting into individual pots.

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