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How to ripen late tomatoes

As the temperatures begin to drop, a handful of green tomatoes often linger on plants. To guide these tomatoes towards ripening, here's a step-by-step approach:

Tomato plants typically bear fruit from June until the onset of the first frosts, thriving in the warm and light conditions of summer. However, as the days grow shorter, the ripening process tends to slow down. This could mean that fruit developing from September onwards might not have sufficient time to ripen before the initial frost arrives.

The most rapid ripening of tomatoes occurs in an environment that's warm and well-lit. The most favorable flavors are believed to emerge from tomatoes that are 'ripened on the vine,' implying they are picked from the plant after reaching full ripeness. Therefore, for late-ripening tomatoes, it's optimal to allow them to remain on the plant for as long as feasible, thus enhancing the development of their flavors. Harvesting tomatoes for indoor ripening should only be considered once all attempts to ripen them on the vine have been exhausted.

How to Ripen Tomatoes:

Step 1

Begin by removing any remaining flowers from your tomato plants in your vegetable patch or greenhouse. As these flowers have no potential to transform into fruits, removing them now aids in directing the plant's energy towards ripening the existing fruits.

Step 2 During early autumn, your tomato plants should have produced three or four sets of fruit trusses. To ensure the ripening of all these trusses, prune the top of each plant. Cut through the main stem a couple of leaves above the uppermost set of green fruits. Additionally, removing certain leaves from the plant can maximize the amount of light reaching the fruits, facilitating their ripening process.

Step 3 As temperatures start to decrease, it's time to harvest your tomatoes and bring them indoors. An effective tip is to place them in a drawer or paper bag alongside a banana. Bananas release ethylene, a hormone linked to fruit ripening, which can accelerate the ripening of the tomatoes. Regularly check the drawer or bag and promptly remove ripened tomatoes as you come across them.

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