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Herbs and Aromatic Plants - From Garden to Kitchen

Herbs not only provide delightful fragrances and decorative elements but also serve as natural and flavorful additions to various dishes. These easy-to-grow plants ensure a continuous supply of fresh ingredients during the summer, ready to be used in cooking. As autumn approaches, herbs can be frozen or dried for future culinary endeavors. The selection of different herbs ranges from local varieties like coriander to exotic ones like lemongrass. The medicinal properties of fresh herbs in your garden make gardening even more rewarding.

Herbs and aromatic plants as natural remedies

Many herbs that can be grown in your garden possess astonishing healing abilities, suitable for alleviating various ailments. Peppermint and thyme aid in combating colds, while chamomile helps soothe stomach discomfort. However, some herbs like basil contribute to overall health and can be conveniently purchased online. Additionally, these robust plants require minimal space and can thrive even on balconies.

Mediterranean Herbs for Food Enthusiasts

Mediterranean cuisine shines brightest when infused with the freshness of homegrown herbs. Whether it's fish, meat, or cheese, using top-quality herbs elevates the taste of your dishes. Hardy herbs like rosemary or lavender form compact bushes that can grace your garden for years to come. Other options like oregano, akin to a perennial, require replanting every spring.

Ideal Location for Herb Growth

Depending on the type, herbs can thrive in areas ranging from full sun to partial shade, along with adequately fertilized soil. Some herbs, such as lavender, emit a pleasant aroma when blooming and attract pollinators like bees. Perennial herbs can also be pruned if overgrown. For any inquiries on this topic, feel free to contact us; we're here to help.

Harvesting Fresh Herbs, Greens, and More

Cultivating a healthy diet is an essential endeavor. Today, harvesting greens and herbs from your garden is not only desirable but crucial for a balanced, vitamin-rich, and healthy diet. Even without an extensive garden, greens, herbs, and similar plants can be cultivated on balconies or terraces. Ahrens+Sieberz can help you achieve this. No garden? No problem! Vegetables, herbs, and the like can also be easily grown on balconies or window sills. With proper care and a bit of fertilizer, these flavorful herbs will thrive, contributing to a healthy eating regimen. From mint to basil and from thyme to chives, there are plenty of suitable kitchen herbs to grow on your balcony. Apart from common and well-known kitchen herbs, there are also lesser-known plants that can be grown on your balcony, in the garden, or indoors. Not only are these options delicious, but they also add a visually appealing touch. This includes plants like Jiaogulan, a Chinese climbing vine with leaves used for tea or salad, and Ginkgo Biloba, which can also be brewed into tea. Gourmet Rose Rosella is not only tasty but also visually appealing. Its edible petals can be used to garnish desserts and other dishes. For the gourmet enthusiast, Rosella petals are equally captivating visually. They can adorn desserts and various dishes, enhancing both flavor and aesthetics.

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