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Five ways to boost your garden in August

As August arrives, the vibrant blooms of early summer flowers may start to wane, casting a slight shadow over your garden.

However, your garden's festivities need not come to an end. With a few straightforward actions, you can infuse new energy into your garden and extend its allure well into the autumn months.

Elevate Container Planting Enliven your outdoor space by adorning a sizable container with plants that boast late-summer hues. This container can act as a captivating focal point on your patio or seamlessly fill a vacant spot within your border. By nurturing these plants within a container, you can provide essential care and watering throughout the remainder of summer, relishing in their vivid exhibition. As the dormant season approaches, you can effortlessly transplant these plants from the container into your garden, ensuring a much-needed burst of color for the coming year.

Prune Spent Blooms

Trim away faded blossoms from roses, dahlias, and lingering summer perennials that hold the promise of more buds to come. Routinely employ the same technique with annual bedding plants to hinder premature seed setting. This practice fosters a robust flowering cycle, sustaining their exuberance well into the autumn months.

Nurture Potted Plants

Devote extra care to your potted plants, recognizing that their root systems are now densely packed. Consequently, these plants will demand heightened feeding, watering, and deadheading to maintain their aesthetic appeal. Exercise discretion with those showing signs of decline, especially if they've suffered from drought stress. Replace them with a fresh selection of fuchsias, pelargoniums, or autumn pansies in a new compost mix, enhancing moisture retention with water-absorbing gel crystals.

Revitalize Pruned Plants Revitalize plants like astrantia, pulmonaria, sprawling hardy geraniums, and variegated brunnera by cutting back mildewed or untidy growth. This encourages the emergence of rejuvenated foliage and, perhaps, even a late burst of flowers. Provide these plants with a nutrient-rich liquid feed, ensuring thorough watering afterwards.

Bridge Seasonal Gaps Bridge gaps left by the departure of early summer bulbs or oriental poppies with well-placed containers featuring lilies, patio dahlias, upright fuchsias (including standard fuchsias), or tall late-blooming perennials. These additions strategically infuse new life into your garden's composition, maintaining its vitality and charm throughout the changing seasons.

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