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9 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Modern Resort

To bring the tranquil ambiance of a vacation to your home, Newport Beach interior designer Raili Clasen suggests a range of ideas that can transform your living spaces into a modern resort. Here are her tips for creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere:

1. Get Away in Your Own Backyard:

  • Designate a special outdoor space that feels like a magical getaway.
  • Hang paper lanterns or woven pendants under the patio to create a whimsical atmosphere.
  • Consider placing a dining table in the most lush part of your garden and stringing lights for an enchanting setting.

2. Bring the Outdoors Inside:

  • Install bi-fold windows and doors to seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Open up a wall of doors to a patio or garden to make your home feel brighter and breezier.
  • Use bi-fold windows in the kitchen to create a link to the backyard, and place an outdoor bar under the window for easy access.

3. Plant a Picture-Perfect Garden:

  • Transform narrow spaces between windows and fences into captivating views.
  • Opt for tall cacti, blooming succulents, native flower bushes, or even trees to enhance the view.
  • Create a green backdrop that adds depth and beauty to your indoor space.

4. Open Up the Bar:

  • Make your bar a focal point in the living or dining room, reminiscent of a hotel lobby.
  • Dedicate one side of the wall to open shelving for displaying bottles, glassware, tools, and garnishes.
  • Incorporate color or pattern with painted shelves or graphic wallpaper behind the bar area.

5. Layer in Some Stripes:

  • Infuse your space with a coastal resort vibe by adding wood siding with alternating blue stripes.
  • Achieve the look affordably using MDF panels or plywood planks.
  • Consider installing striped wallpaper for a similar nautical feel.

6. Add a Warm Welcome:

  • Create a friendly atmosphere with welcoming greetings on floors, decks, or walls.
  • Paint words onto surfaces using stencils and durable oil paint for a lasting effect.
  • Personalize your home's exterior with metal house letters or framed posters with fun messages.

7. Make a Wall Feel Magical:

  • Incorporate oversized art, such as a mural or blown-up photograph, for a resort-like ambiance.
  • Choose high-resolution images that evoke the location or destination you want to emulate.
  • Transform a photograph into a captivating focal point using printing services like Canvas Champ.

8. Take a Dip in a "Spool":

  • Consider installing a "spool," a compact spa-pool hybrid that can be heated or cooled.
  • Utilize pool floats, lounge chairs, and umbrellas for a complete resort experience.
  • Enhance your outdoor space by adding an outdoor shower with hot water and towel hooks.

9. Don't Skimp on Seating:

  • Create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere with ample seating options.
  • Opt for soft, light fabrics and consider wall-to-wall sectionals and sofas.
  • Include flexible furniture like ottomans and poufs for intimate conversations and versatile arrangements.

With Raili Clasen's expert advice, you can transform your home into a vacation-inspired retreat that offers relaxation, beauty, and functionality for both residents and guests.

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